Appendix I.


  1. In memory of John Taylor, farmer in Boghead of Lesmurdie, who died 31st March 1808, aged 83, and Janet Donald, his spouse, who died 20th Oct. 1781, aged 48.

  2. William Taylor, late schoolmaster at Cabrach, who died ... Nov. 1782, aged 42 years, and William Taylor, junr., his son.

  3. In memory of James Taylor, Boghead, Cabrach, who died 8th Nov. 1903, aged 85. Also his parents, William Taylor, who died 25th Dec. 1854, aged 91, and Helen Moir, who died 13th Jan. 1863, aged 80 ; his sister Jean, who died 11th June 1850, aged 40, and his brothers William, who died 24th Jan. 1876, aged 63, John, who died 21st Aug. 1888, aged 80.

  4. Erected by George Petrie in memory of John Stuart, crofter, Badchier, who died 9th Oct. 1839, aged 72 years, and Anne, his wife, who died 14th Feb. 1847, aged 79 years. Also of their daughters, Jane, who died in July 1825, in the 26th year of her age, Mary, who died in 1835 in the 24th year of her age, and Christina, who died 26th Nov. 1877, aged 73 years.

5 Hear lyes John Gordon, some time farmer in Dalriach, who was spouse of Margaret Grant, and departed this life on the ... Oct. 1763, aged 68. Also his son Frederick Gordon, who departed this life on the ... November 1764, aged ... two of his grand ... , John Gordon.

  1. Here lies Elizabeth Wilson, spouse to Francis Horn, sometime farmer in Mains of Lesmurdey, who died Match 12th 1783, aged 60 years.

  2. Under ... there lyes William Taylor ... &c.

(Same as No. 2.)

  1. Robert Perie, Hillock, died 27th Feb. 1879.

  2. William Dawson, Aldewalloch, died 20th Jan. 1830, aged 84, with his spouse, Ann Gordon, who died 14th May 1838, aged 85.

  3. This stone is erected by George Taylor, farmer in Tomballie, in memory of his daughter Mary Taylor, who died 2nd Nov. 1845, aged 23 years. Also Isobel Taylor, who died 7th Feb. 1823, aged 3 years, and of Margaret Taylor, who died 20th March 1848, aged 35 years, and of his wife Margaret Taylor, who died 24th July 1856. [George Taylor died Dec. 1, 1859.]

  4. Erected by Janet Henry in loving memory of her husband, George Taylor, who died at Tomballie, Cabrach, 3rd Nov. 1893, aged 84 years. Their son George, who died 25th Oct. 1850, aged 11 weeks, also the above Janet Henry, who died at Waterside, 13th June 1901, aged 78 years.

"Till the day breaks."

  1. In memory of John Taylor, farmer, Backside, Glass, aged 43 years, who died 22nd July 1855, also his wife Isabella Strachan, who died 13th Aug. 1882, aged 73 years, and their daughter Isabella, who died 6th March 1854, aged 15 months.

  2. In memory of James Horn, sometime farmer in Newton of Cabrach, who departed this life the 8th of June 1846, aged 86 year ; also his spouse Margaret Bremner, who departed this life the 8th Feb. 1836, aged 66 years ; also their son John, farmer, Newton of Cabrach, who died 4th June 1876, aged 71 years ; also his wife Alexina Taylor, who died 7th July 1886, aged 62 years ; and their son Alexander Horn, who died 16th August 1886, aged 30 years.

  3. Erected by William Horn in memory of his mother, Margaret Smith, who died at Badchier, May 1844, aged 75 years.

  4. James Watt, late farmer in Ardwell, Cabrach, who died 10th May 1837, aged 54, and his wife Margaret Kellas, who died 3rd September 1842, aged 47, and their sons, Peter 1839, Alex. 1840, John 1847, daughters, Isabell 1817, and Jane 1847.

  5. Erected in memory of John Riach, farmer, Greenlone, who died 1st April, 1827, aged 77 ; his wife, Janet Riach, who died 1829, aged 77 ; their son, James Riach, farmer, Greenlone, who died 5th Jan. 1862, aged 77 years ; and his wife, Margaret Shearer, who died 14th July 1877, aged 78 ; also Margaret Riach, who died 19th Dec. 1853, aged 54 years.

  6. Erected by Mary Taylor in memory of her husband, James Watt, late farmer in Badymullach, who died 4th May 1844, aged 36 years ; also their daughter Mary ... the above Mary Taylor, who died at Tomnaven on the 31st March 1890, aged 76 years.

*18. Here lies the body of Katharine Gordon, second daughter to James Gordon, late of Beldorney, who died in Banff the third of March 1795 (?) in the 94th (?) year of her age.

*19 Dom.

Hic jacet R V Thomas Brockie, Presb. Tem. Scot ratis B A L et in Parochiis Murth. Drost. Glass et Cabrach miss. Ap an vixit LVIII F E R E et XX summa cum laude missionem. obiit. Suorum omnium et verbis Doctor et moribus exemplar merito que dictus pauperum pater vitam piis laboribus im pensam pretiosa morte. Elausit maii 1110 A.D. MDCCLIX. Sit in pace. Locus ejus et habitatis ejus in Sion. Mimento Mori. (sic) * These two are in the Wardhouse enclosure.


"To The Lord of Hosts", or "To The Glory of God",

Here lies Rev. Thomas Brockie, Priest, Student of the Scotch College, Ratisbon, and missionary apostolic in the parishes of Mortlach, Aberlour, Glass and Cabrach. He lived fifty-eight years, and died, having spent almost twenty-eight years with the greatest acceptance on the mission. Of his own and of all both a teacher in word and an example in deed. Justly called the Father of the Poor, he closed a life spent in pious labours by a holy death on 3rd May in the year of out Lord 1759.

May he rest in peace, and may his place and dwelling be in Sion.

Remember thou shalt die.

The chalice and breviary or missal at top of stone are insignia of the priest.

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