Appendix III.

John Gordon married Eliz. Gordon, relict of Alex. Ogilvy. She was daughter of Adam Gordon, Dean of Caithness, third son of first Earl of Huntlie, and sister of George of Beldorney. After the battle of Corrichie and John Ogilvy's execution and forfeiture, the Queen on 8th Feb. 1563 virtually revoked the above charter in favour of John Gordon and his heirs of the Ogilvy estates, on the ground that Alex. Ogilvy had unjustly disinherited his own son, James Ogilvy of Cardale, and that John Gordon had failed to infeft James and his dues. Accordingly she granted charters of the baronies of Deskford, Finletter, Auchindoun, &c., in favour of James Ogilvy of Cardale. Notwithstanding this the Gordons still claimed part of the Ogilvy estates and the matter was submitted to arbitration. James Earl of Bothwell and Sir John Bellenden, Justice Clerk, were arbiters for the Earl of Huntlie and James and Adam his brothers, while Wm. Maitland of Lethington and John Spence, the Queen's Advocate, acted for James Ogilvy and her Majesty as Overswoman. By their decree arbital the baronies of Deskfurd and Finletter with other estates were affirmed to James Ogilvy and the lands of Auchindoun and Keithmore to Adam Gordon. (Douglas Wood's Peerage.)


Keithmore, 1490. The King (James V.) confirmed a charter by John, Lord Drummond, and of the barony of Keithmore, in which for a certain sum of money paid, he sold and alienated to Sir James Ogilvy of Deskfurd, Knight, his heirs and assigns, the lands and barony of Keithmore, viz., the lands of Keithmore, Auchindoune, half of the lands of Clunymore, Clunybeg, Baldorney, Gowlis, Tullochallum, the Glenfethek with forest of the same, and Mill of Auchindoune, Sheriffdom of Banff, to be held of the King. Dated Linlithgow, 31st Dec. 1490. Confirmed at Linlithgow, 1st Jan 1490-1.

Lesmurdie, 1473. The King (James III.) confirmed a charter of Lawrence Nudry, Lord of one part of Ovirestead, in which he sold and alienated to George-de-Strathauchin, Losmorthie, his heirs and assigns, the lands of Third part of Belchere, Envercheroch, and Auchnastank, Sherrifdom of Banff, for a certain sum of money paid to him, or for making service outside or abroad, so far as pertains to said lands only, the first witness, John Strathauchin of Thornton, dated at the Chapel of St Mary of Gillismald, 5th Feb. 1473. Confirmed, Edinburgh, 13th March 1473-4.

Losmordy, 1527. The King (James V.) confirmed a charter by Alex. Strathauchin of Losmordy in which he granted his first born son George Strathauchin and Margaret Gordon his spouse, the lands of Easterton of Losmordy, from the Greenwelhed, and a third part of the lands of Inverquherach, Auchinstank, Balkery, Sherifdom of Banff, to be held by the said George and Margaret and the longest liver of them in conjunction, and the heirs lawfully begotten between. Reddendo service of ward and relied to the king. Signed at Elgin, 20th Feb. 1527. Confirmed at Elgin, 24th March 1527.

Belchery & Losmordy, 1539-40. The King (James V.) confirmed a charter by John Gordon, portioner, Auchinstynk, in which he sold to George Strathauchin of Ester Losmordie and Margaret Gordon his spouse, three eastern parts of his lands of Balchery in the barony of Inverquherrauch, Sheriffdom of Banff, to be held by the said George and Margaret and the longest liver, &c. Signed at Carneburrow, 6th Dec. 1539. One of the witnesses, Mr James Gordoune, confirmed at Edinburgh, 14th Feb. 1539-40.

Invercharroch, 1488. The King (James IV.) confirmed a charter of John Craigmyll of Craigmyll and Lord Portioner of Inverquherach, in which for a certain sum paid in ready money, he sold and alienated to Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford, Knight, the lands of Inverquherach, Balchery and Auchinstank, Sheriffdom of Banff, to be held of the king in fee. The first witness out of ten, Thomas Ross of Auchlossni, uncle of the said John Craigmyll. Dated Chapel of St Mary of Garroch, 22nd June 1488. Confirmed at Perth, 25th June 1488.

Invercharroch, 1535.-The King (James V.) confirmed to Alex. Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Elizabeth Gordon, his spouse, the lands and barony of Keithmore with the Castle and fortalice of Auchindowne, milltanandries of the same, and the free forest of Glenfiddich and privileges of the same, the third part of the lands Auchinstank and Balquhery, and a half part of Inverquihirauch forest of Etnach, otherwise Blackwater, lying on the north side of the water of Dovern, Sheriffdom of Banff, which the said Alexander resigned. To be held by the said Alex. And Eliz. And the longest liver, &c., &c. Signed at Stirling, 31st Dec. 1535.

Cabrach, 1374. The King (Robert II) granted to William, Earl of Douglas, all and whole the lands of the forest of Cabrach, and half davach of Auchmair, which is called Clova, with parts in Sheriffdom of Banff, which was the property of David Brown of Glandriston, but the said David has resigned it. Dated at Edinburgh, 9th Jan. in the 3rd year of our reign.

Cabrach, 1508. The King (James IV.) for good service, granted Alex., Earl of Huntlie, Lord Gordon and Braidenach, his heirs and assyns, the lands and forest of Cabrauch, Sheriffdom of Aberdeen, to be held in free barony and free forestry. Reddendo ward the barony of Huntlie. Dated at Edinburgh, 25th April 1508. (The Earl sold these lands the same year to James Gordon of Auchmully.)

Cabrach, 1508. The King (James IV.) confirmed a charter by Alex. Earl of Huntlie, in which he sold and alienated to his cousin, James Gordon of Auchmully and his heirs, the lands and forest of Cabrauch in the Earldom and barony of Huntlie and Sheriffdom of Aberdeen, divided from his own property of the said barony by these marches, viz. : Beginning on the south at the spring (burn rising between Elrig in Cabrauch and Blackmiddyns in Huntlie, which was otherwise called Strathbogie) and thence by the summit of Lunddishill to the Hundehillock between Garbet and Reidford, and by the summit of the hill between Cairnaloquhy and Tullochdowy, between the heads of the three burns in Strathbogie and Glascory in Cabrauch, by the summit of Cornabroicht to the north and east angle of Ballochbegg, which is called Greenwellheid which is divided between Cabrach and Corrynuisy, wih power of bringing of said lands into cultivation. Reddendo to the Earl three suits at three head courts of Huntlie, also ward, &c., when contingency should arise. Dated at burgh of Jedburgh, 4th Dec. 1508, confirmed at Jedburgh, 4th Dec. 1508.

Cabrach, 1539. The Earl of Huntlie must have acquired back the lands of Cabrach, for in 1539, George, Earl of Huntlie, granted to his uncle, Alex. Gordon, formerly of Strathoune (Strathavon), a charter of the lands of Cluny and others in exchange for the lands of said Alex. Elder of Strathoune, viz., Strathoune, Inverrourie, Fotterletter, fortalice of Drummyn, and Mills, fishings, advowsons of benefices, &c., Sheriffdom of Banff, and the lands of Cabrach, Sheriffdom of Aberdeen, in conformity with a contract dated at Dundee, 31st Aug. 1539.

Cabrach was leased by the Earl of Maryr at the end of the 16th cent., for James Gordon of Lesmore rented part of it. (Huntly rental 1600.)

Auchindoun, 1545. The Queen (Mary) confirmed a charter by Alex. Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Finletter, in which he granted John Gordon, third son of George, Earl of Huntlie, on condition of the said John and his heirs in all time coming, bearing the name and arms of Ogilvy, his baronies of Ogilvy, viz., Finletter, Deskford, Keithmore, Auchindoun, Drumnakeith, Blanskinnacht, Casterfrith, Castelyard, &c., with the castles of Finletter, Deskford and Auchindoun, with Mills, Milltowns, forests, &c., and a long series of substitutes in case of male issue-the free tenements reserved to the said Alexander and Elizabeth and the longer liver.

Signed at Finletter, 4th Sep. 1545, confirmed at Linlithgow, 28th Sep. 1545.

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